What are some activities you can do to stay in shape? | Ways to Stay Fit Indoors


Since all the gyms and other means of fitness centers are out of the picture due to COVID-19 pandemic the situation, there are plenty of Ways to Stay Fit Indoors. As an introvert and nerd, I can be kind of considered an expert when it comes to staying home all the time. While I am not a health guru or fitness trainer, I do want to share some of my best methods to stay fit mentally and physically in a wholesome way.


Everyone knows how important a role rest and sleep play in a person’s overall growth. Sleep is a way to keep a balance. If you are not happy with your sleep quality or your sleep cycle consider buying a tracking device like Fitbit to keep track.

Stay Physically Active

Staying home doesn’t mean sitting on the couch or bed the whole day. There are plenty of ways you can include small workouts in your life while working through the day. Going upstairs can be considered a wholesome workout in itself. If you have stairs just walk up and down a few times and you are done.

Also, consider household chores as a workout plan. Stand up and walk for 5 minutes when working and setting up an alarm to remind you to take a break for 10 minutes to drink some water, flap your arms, hop a few times in your place, etc. play the music for 5 minutes and dance around. All these could be considered as activities if you keep them in your schedule.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy at home can help you to cut down on sugar, fat, and salt and saves money too. Rather than ordering the food try making simple and easy-to-make recipes at home. You can consider this meal preparing time as your personal me time to relax from work and other stress.

Stay Mentally Healthy

Staying mentally active doesn’t mean that you need to do something you don’t like. Find activities that you do enjoy. Do a puzzle, read a book, or learn a new skill.

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